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Life is also about tracking rock-paper-scissors scores.

What is this about?

Score Maniac is an app designed for people who want to keep track of scores of any kind: video games, board games, card games or sports.

The origins

“Some time ago we were playing Mario Kart Wii a lot with two friends of us. All the games were so close, and we never really knew who was the best. We told ourselves that we really should keep track of the scores after each game. But you always lose those papers sheets, and we needed to have the scores at any time. That’s when we decided to start a new app.” - Razmig & Laurent, the app creators.


It's really important to have accurate stats when you want to tell someone that you are the best, so you will find tons of stats to argue your discussions.


Organize more than your regular games, create huge events with as many games and rounds as you want!


After playing, be sure to tell the world who won and who lost on your favorite social network.

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